Inside Denełchin Lab
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CITC’s Denełchin Lab hosts a cutting-edge Super Fab Lab with advanced technology, including 3D printers, robotic routers, and laser cutters. This hands-on learning environment offers Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) projects for Alaska Native youth, fusing modern tools with traditional practices. The lab serves as the center of CITC’s “Hub & Spoke” model, sharing STEAM learning projects with micro-labs and communities across the state. Community access is provided through various classes on fab lab technology and tools.


Rasmuson Foundation Wood Shop

A hands-on, messy space where participants engage in traditional woodworking using manual skills and shop tools. It offers improved capabilities such as centralized dust collection, larger space, and new CNC routers. Future plans include fostering participant growth in manual skills and confidence with tools while prioritizing safety through the teaching of safety protocols.

CIRI Laser Lounge

A multi-functional space, used for activities ranging from rapid prototyping and digital design to laser cutting. Equipped with new laser cutters with advanced capabilities like deeper focus and camera positioning, the space allows for larger projects and improved workflow. Future plans include expanding its role as a creative space, offering laser cutter training, and hosting community workshops on laser cutting basics.

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Printers Peak

A dynamic environment for 3D printing using various materials, as well as printing posters, stickers, and textiles. Projects like 3D printed snow goggles, Tlingit language dice, and student-designed T-Shirts showcase its versatility. Equipped with advanced tools, including a direct-to-garment printer (generously sponsored by the Hearst Foundations), 3D scanner, vacuum former, and larger volume resin printer (generously sponsored by First National Bank Alaska), the space aims to host engaging community workshops on 3D printing basics, T-Shirt design, and 3D modeling in the future.

Media Room

A versatile space used for photography, podcast recording, video audio, and student programming like Story Knife for high schoolers. It boasts new capabilities such as a green screen, accommodating up to five people comfortably, and professional sound and video recording equipment. Ambitious plans include empowering native youth by using podcasts and videos as a platform for digital storytelling, preserving and showcasing local stories.

Recycling Lab

Opening winter of 2023

Make a Donation

Your donations are pivotal in advancing groundbreaking research and innovation. By contributing to our lab, you’re directly fueling discoveries that push our youth’s knowledge boundaries. Join us in our mission by supporting the Denelchin Lab and participating in the transformative journey in shaping a better future for all.

CITC Services

Denełchin Lab is operated by Cook Inlet Tribal Council.

CITC provides a variety of services, including:

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